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Art is common and universal part of these elements and some of the representations we may find have been created in different parts of the world and at different chronological moments, although many of them keep exactly the same shape and typology. In this way, we could consider hand representation as one of those universal elements, whose distribution is shown in such remote places as Australia, Borneo, Argentina, Africa and Europe. HANDPAS project is focused on documenting and spreading the Paleolithic hand representations in Europe.

This project is designed to reach different goals. Among them, the most remarkable one is to make quality documental, graphic and theoretical information available for researchers (as well as for the general public) through a free access digital platform. To this aim, the basic element for data collection of the best European sites showing Paleolithic hands will be the use of 3D high resolution scanning technology.

Particular features of the heritage assets under research, which are always fragile and placed in caves with limited access or difficult to reach, are the ones leading to the proposed documentary method (because of its reliability and highly accurate details). Together with the solutions given for display and diffusion, it becomes a powerful tool for researchers who are focused on aspects related to hands representations in the rock art, so they can work remotely, overcoming physical barriers which may rise from access conditions as well as the preservation of the caves and its paintings.

Due to different technical, logistical and cultural factors, rock art seen as a link among the proposed European areas (in Spain, France and Italy) has never received the importance and cultural spread that it should worth.

In this way, this project intends to create a multimedia platform which allows rock art to become closer at the same time it performs graphical and metric research to contribute to its modernization and innovation.

The user is entering into a data base with quality graphic content where three-dimensional real models of panels with Paleolithic hands are shown in real-time and it is possible to interact with them thanks to different tools: 3D visualizer, measuring, directional light, digitally treated image; they are all integrated on the own website.

Following these aspects, HANDPAS is aimed to: 

– develop a high definition documentation protocol totally friendly to rock art.

– launch an integrated data base also interrelated, able to help researchers to search details about Paleolithic hands representations.

– create a web environment for visualizing three-dimensional models and high resolution images allowing real-time interaction with the information, available for researchers, curators, students and the general public.